Where to Have a Great Nudist Vacation in the UK

If you want to try something truly different and unique in England, then we recommend you to go to a nudity location. This type of experience will certainly be unforgettable, and in case you find this idea interesting then you should continue to read this article as we will show you where to have a great nudist vacation in the UK.

Free the Nipple, Brighton

This unusual yet fun event is being held every year at the Brighton Beach, on the 28th of August. People all over the UK, gather together for enjoying the sun and the beautiful sea, naked. A similar event saw over 200 women and men parade across the seafront and pier, in order to ‘’normalize chests’ and also make nipples a more acceptable part of society.

Studland Bay, Dorset

The Studland Bay in Dorset is one of the most popular nudist beaches in England. It is 1-mile long with fine white sand where you will certainly highly relax and enjoy to the fullest the sun and the stunning views. In case you are a little shy about getting your kit off, the people over at The National Trust have actually erected a useful sign reading ‘’Naturists may be seen beyond this point’’, to put you at ease.

Abbey House Gardens, Wiltshire

Abbey House Gardens is located on the edge of the Costwolds and the place gives you the opportunity to channel your inner Eve and Adam with a naked frolic. There is not more and not less than 5 acres of glorious landscaping. This place hosts a number of ‘’clothes optional days’’ every summer.

Morfa Ganol, Wales

Another excellent place for those who want to have a great nudist vacation in Great Britain is the Morfa Ganol beach in Wales. Due to the fact that this beach is so remote and it is not easy to get to it, it actually offers a peaceful privacy where you can just enjoy the sun naked. The golden sand and crystal clear waters create a magical and unique landscape that will highly relax you. A distance of 1 mile is dedicated to naturists, and in case you want to live an experience like this you are most welcome to spend a few days in this place.

Streak for Tigers, London

This event is absolutely crazy and fun. It is actually a charity run, in London, through the zoo at night. Anyone who is interested in having a different and unique vacation in London should attend this event for a whole new experience. It will definitely be something truly challenging.


In order to conclude, we really hope that this short article will be very helpful and you will know exactly where to have a great nudist vacation in the United Kingdom. You can either choose any of the above places and events, or you could do a deeper research and find other interesting and amazing locations of this type where you can spend the time of your life alone or with your partner.

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