How to Clean Your Skirting Boards

Skirting boards can definitely add extra elegance to a house, but it is very important to also know how to keep them clean and shiny. Depending on the material they are actually made of , we can use various tools in order to obtain the desired result. Continue to read our article for learning how to clean your skirting boards.

Dryer Sheets
Dryers sheets are excellent for cleaning your skirting boards. This little yet efficient trick works only for wood, as it will repel future dust and make your house smell like freshly washed linen. There is no doubt that this works like a charm and you must definitely go for it.

When you don’t have too much time for cleaning you can easily and quickly use the vacuum cleaner to get the job done. Just keep in mind to use an attachment that can get into small spaces. The vacuum cleaner will suck up all the dust and make your skirting boards look 100% better than before.

Magic Erasers
Magic erasers are the coolest thing ever. They can completely remove scuffs and stuck-on dirt. Furthermore, they also shine up skirting boards to look like new. Magic erasers are truly magic. The only thing you need to do is to add water and scrub away. It is not recommended to use water on wood but if your skirting boards are made of MDF then there is no problem whatsoever. Take into account the fact that most of the stores that sell top skirting boards also have cleaning products. Fo example, you can find some amazing stuff at Skirting World.

Disinfecting Wipes
Yes, you can definitely use disinfecting wipes to clean the skirtings. Although, it is not recommended to do it quite often.

Spray Cleaner
A spray cleaner will do an excellent job. Use a soft paper towel so that you don’t scratch the material and a high-quality spray cleaner. If the material is wood then you can use a spray cleaner for furniture. Simply grab the cleaner and spray it on the paper towel before wiping. The only disadvantage is that you waste lots of paper towel and you also spray the wall. However, it is a method that gives excellent results.

Vinegar and Water Vinegar and water is a fantastic combination that has plenty of benefits, when it comes to cleaning your home. The good news is that you can even use it for cleaning your skirting boards. Wash them with this solution and then wipe them dry by using a microfibre towel. You will see how impeccable your skirtings will look.

Cotton Buds If you want to clean every corner and not miss a spot, then beside a towel and a spray you will also need to use cotton buds. Even though it is time-consuming, you will certainly have the satisfaction of knowing that every square inch is super clean.

Visit Skirting World for the best skirting boards and also look in the store for the most professional cleaning products. However, if you have a limited budget then you can always try any of the above solutions for cleaning your skirtings.


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