History of the Hippie Movement in the UK

The truth is that originally, the hippie movement wasn’t even a culture in the beginning. It was so rebellious and extraordinary at the same time that it was actually forced deep underground at first, and stayed there for a long time. The starting point of this movement has been the USA, and then it all kicked off in the middle 1960s. Apparently, the name ‘’hippie’’ is derived from ‘hipster’, AKA a person who was bang on-the-button with the fashions and culture of the day.

Over time, hippie festivals took place and still are all over the world. In the United Kingdom this movement has become popular in a quite short period of time, and these days plenty of people still love being a hippie. The festivals are actually an expression of old hippie values. Whenever you see thousands of people gathered in a soggy British field while enjoying music together no matter the weather, you certainly have hippie movement to thank for it. England is one of the few countries in the world which kept this movement alive. We don’t know the reasons why this happened, and it doesn’t actually matter.

Nowadays, UK hippies congregate in several cities such as Glastonbury, Lewes, Stroud, Totnes, Findhorn, and Hebden Bridge as well. Most of those who have been a hippie in the late 60’s and 70’s are still considering themselves like that. ‘’The Summer of Love’’ from 1967 refers to that year when it was a revolutionary new movement and the media focused on the hippie phenomenon which was considered the underground alternative youth culture that brewed in America and Europe as well for several years.

This hippie period in Great Britain involved not only listening to a certain type of music but also wearing a certain type of clothes, clothes that many people still wear these days as well. If you do some online research you will see plenty of photos with hippie people and you will understand a lot better what this movement actually involved at that time. The hippie culture highly embraced foreign travel as a means to communicate with others and also to find oneself. Individuals who considered themselves hippie used to travel by public transport and even used revamped double-decker buses. The main idea was to live as cheaply and simply as possible.

Even these days some people still do this. They are quite sure that a simple life will help them stay happy. However, one thing is sure and that is that the hippie movement is not as it used to be in the past, but it still exists in some ways in the United Kingdom. After all, this is definitely not something that has a negative impact on people, and everyone is free to choose his own style.

In conclusion, the hippie movement in England has been something truly new and interesting for all the people from this country, especially for the youth. This period remains in the history of this country as an important chapter that has changed people’s mentality in many ways.

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